Daniele TINCANI Memorial


Sassuolo is near Modena, the range had already held Benchrest matches back in the 80's
and some World records had been set in Sporter class by the well known Mario Favaron.

From the firing line, the Sassuolo range with the target frame at 200m, the 300m is uphill in the green field.

Detailed Local Forecast

17 shooter made the trip to Sassuolo for the 2023 edition :
3 day in LV - HV 100/200 on April 14th - 15th and 16th, coming from  Belgium, France and Italy.

Daniele Tincani Memorial :

Daniele Tincani from Reggio Emilia became famous in 1985 at the 13rd Super Shoot Ohio USA winning the Heavy Varmint 100 yard

Here a picture of him when he receive his trophy for that accomplishment from Stanley Buchtel.

R. I. P.




The Range President presenting the Trophies

LV 100 Agg.
1st M Mei  2nd AM Deletang 3rd P Octo small group J Frei

LV 200 Agg.
1st C Madinelli 2nd P Octo 3rd and small group  L Paoni


HV 100 Agg.
1st J Frei 2nd A Bacchin 3th A Bacchin small group G Pontoni

HV 200 Agg.
1st M Mei 2nd C Rizzato 3th and small group L Paoni

LV Grand Agg.
1st P Octo 2nd C Madinelli 3rd AM Deletang 4th M Mei 5th L Paoni

HV Grand Agg.
1st M Mei 2nd  Rizzato 3rd L Paoni 4th G Pontoni 5th A Bacchin

Two Gun Aggregate
1st M Mei 2nd C Madinelli 3rd L Paoni 4th C Rizzato 5th P Octo