The EUROSTAND is in Volmerange les Mines/France community, north of the Moselle department and close to the
Luxemburg Grand Duché, Belgium and Germany countries.
By car it is at 2.5 km from the Exit 44 of the Highway A31.

The overview above shows you all the shooting facilities including 25 position at 100m and 200m range.


Detailed Local Forecast  

33 competitor coming from Belgium, Germany, France, Luxemburg, and Netherlands  gathered in Volmerange les Mines range for the Eurostand Cup 2 LV/HV  on September 01st - 02nd - 03rd.


The Volmerange range firing line

The range overview

Pictures courtesy of the Deletang's

LV 100 Agg.

1st P Schoendorff 2nd and small group D Corradi 3rd M Lendormi

LV 200 Agg.

1st P Schoendorff 2nd JY Goudal 3rd S Toppe small group D Martin

LV Grand Agg

1st P Schoendorff 2nd JY Goudal 3rd S Toppe (subtitued)

HV 100 Agg.

1st and small group C Pacheco 2nd M Lendormi 3rd D Corradi


HV 200 Agg.

1st C Pacheco 2nd JY Goudal 3rd JC Eymieu small group R Guene


HV Grand Agg.

1st C Pacheco 2nd AM Deletang 3rd JC Eymieu



1st C Pacheco 2nd P Schoendorff 3rd JY Goudal 4th JC Eymieu 5th F Lecourt (missing)
6th W Gerstenberger 7
th D Corradi