LA FARE 2023


The Castellas Range  is 50 kilometer north of Marseille and 20 from Marignane international airport.
Polar coordinate : E 5.21088  N 43.57202
The range is on top of a hill and  shoot south. 
The range is equipped with Club house, offices, kitchen, parking space for cars and campers and facilities.
 13 covered concrete benches, room for reloading and covered space for cleaning.

Range overview

Detailed Local Forecast  

37 competitors gathered in LA FARE LES OLIVIERS , coming from France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and
Spain.for 3 days on March 02nd to 04th, for what is famous now as the "ice breaking" and European season,
warm up competition.

 Lafare Range is famous for its difficult wind conditions And some aggregate shows that characteristic.....

After competing the awards ceremony presents

LV 100 Agg.
1st JM Deletand 2nd M Lendormi3rd C Pacheco
Small group R Wachtelborn

LV 200 Agg.
1st C Pacheco 2nd AM Deletang 3rd X Besas
Small group F Vassier
1st P FishbC Pacheco 2nd JM Deletang 3rd M Lendormi

HV 100 Agg.
1st F Guegan 2nd P Octo 3 rd C Pacheco
Small group C Pacheco

HV 200 Agg.
1st M Lendormi 2nd F Guegan 3 rd M Dufour
Small group Esteras Silvia

1st PC Pacheco 2nd JM Deletang 3rd M Lendormi
1st F Guegan 2nd M Lendormi 3rd C Pacheco

Two Gun
1st C Pacheco 2nd M Lendormi  3rd JM Deletang 4th AM Deletang 5th M Dufour