Souppes sur Loing Range is 100 kilometer South East from Paris near Nemours ( the town where the Dupont "de Nemours "
USA family was coming) and Fontainebleau ( the residence for French kings ) with its castle and huge forest.

Detailed Local Forecast  

Report from Carlos PACHECO :

62 Benchrest shooters gathered in Souppes sur Loing for the 2023 Spring Trophy edition, on April 29th - 30th and 01st May
coming from Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and Netherlands.

The weather was cloudy on Saturday 29th with light/medium winds in the morning where Austria's Wolfgang Voglstater
 won with no problem
, noting François Luciani's "small group" of 1.84mm.

In the afternoon with a much stronger wind Luca Paoni from Italy simply "walked on water" and finished with an average of 4.17 mm

which in my opinion is the new Souppes record. The small group was pulled by Giorgio Dapian of Italy with 2.32 mm

Sunday April 30 with sunshine and much more NE wind everyone got caught at 4+1 except Christian Michaux who won with an average of 13.45 mm,

less than 3 mm than the second shooter Andy Atzl from Austria. To point out the best grouping at 200 m by Pascal Fischbach of 4.22 mm
which, unless I am mistaken, is also the new Spring Trophy record.

Monday May 1st morning weather a little more cloudy in the morning and wind shifting to the

NW Roberto Costi from Italy won comfortably with an average of 16.300mm and the small group was pulled by Philippe Octo with 7.16mm.

The Grand Aggregate HV was won by Christian Michaud from France
Grand Aggregate LV by Wolfgang Voglstater from Austria

The BECKER trophy for the best shooter in the two 200m events went this year to Johan Teughels of Belgium with an average of 17.900mm

Finally and in the general classification TWO GUN

1st Yves LEDU - France
2nd Wolfgang Voglstater - Austria
3rd Johan Teughels - Belgium
4th Pascal Fischbach - France
5th Regina Gestenberger - Germany


Pictures credit of Monique Lendormi

LV 100 Agg
1stW Volgstatter 2nd D Corradi 3rd P Octo small group F Luciani

LV 200 Agg
1st R Costi 2nd W Volgstatter 3rd E Baille small group  P Octo

LV Grand Agg
1st W Volgstatter 2nd R Costi 3rd P Fishbach (substitued)

HV 100 Agg
1st L Paoni 2nd D Corradsi 3rd AM Deletanf small group G Dapian

HV 200 Agg
1st C Michaud 2nd A Atzl 3rd J Teughels small group P Fishbach

HV Grand  Agg
1st C Michaud  2nd J Teughels 3rd M Lendormi

The becker Trophy was appointed to J Teughels

TWO GUN Aggregate
1st Y Ledu 2nd W Volgstatter 3rd J Teughels 4th P Fishbach 5th R Gerstenberger (missing)